Kiwi Camera
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The first public display of my photographs was on the bathroom walls (you have a captive audience) at Sunnyside Restaurant on the West shore of Lake Tahoe. I had the inside connection, I was a waiter in their dinning room for many years. That was before photography finally paid all the bills. That first wall has lead to many more, I realized that restaurants offer a great way to show my work to the public. Today my artwork may be enjoyed at all of these fine dinning establishments:

Sunnyside Resort on the west shore of Lake Tahoe
Jakes on the Lake in the Boatworks mall Tahoe City
the Crest Cafe at the bottom of Alpine Meadows road
the The West Shore Cafe on the Lake across from the Homewood Ski Area
Zannos Pizza 11401 Donner Pass Rd. Truckee CA
the River Grill near Fanny bridge Tahoe City

a selection of my work may also be viewed and purchased at
the Old Brockway Golf Course Pro Shop Kings Beach Ca
West Shore Sports at both their Sunnyside & Homewood locations