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Kiwi Kamera - fine art phototography

nbx008, Caspian Pond Reflections

Up until recently I have shot all my photographs using film cameras, mostly 35mm Nikon on Fuji Velvia slide film. But the digital photography revolution is slowly killing of all the old school methods of photography, although I still shoot slide film for my Fine Art Images, I have switched to a digital Nikon d7000 for event coverage. I have set up a new digital side to my gallery where these photos may be viewed and purchased. to view these photos select the "Enter Event Photo Gallery" Button above. the "Enter Fine Art Photo Gallery" Button will take you to the slide film based side of my web site.

Like any brick and mortar gallery, my virtual ones have many different rooms. Each room displays images that I feel should be viewed together. Now these electronic images can give you an idea of what my work looks like. But to realy appreciate their depth of color and clarity, you need to see the Ilfochrome color (formerly cibachrome) photographs in person,

The best place to view them is at one of the arts & craft shows that I participate in during the summer. View my show schedule to see if I will be in your area.

In tahoe my "Eye Candy Studio", at my Tahoma home is open by appointment. Or you can stop by one of the many public displays to view my work. Just as in a regular gallery, these photographs are for sale, each page has pricing information. Some images are also available for stock usage.