Kiwi Camera
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I have described myself as an "old school" Landscape photographer, in that I capture many of my images the old fashioned way ie with a film camera, I only use Fujichrome Velvia slide film. My primary film camera a is a Nikon F 5, I also have a Noblex panoramic camera which uses 120 film,. I personally print all but the largest of my photographs, I have my own color darkroom where I can print Ilfochrome color photographs on paper sizes up to 20x40. Being able to do my own printing has allowed me to develop a signature style image. I take a sequence of shots that when printed & mounted side by side create a single panoramic image. because each individual photo can be any of my print sizes when they are mounted together I can make finished image that can be quit large
These Ilfochrome photographs are printed directly from the original slides. Not only does this process produce museum quality archival photographs, they are also extremely rich in color and detail.
I can do all my own custom matting and framing at my Tahoma Studio and when I am not doing Arts shows I have a display gallery set up there as well